Assessing Agile-HCD-Processes

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"Agile Human-Centred Design: A Conformance Checklist" by Karsten Nebe and Snigdha Baloni

Human Interface and the Management of Information:Information, Design and Interaction, 18th International Conference, HCI International 2016 Toronto, Canada, July 17-22, 2016, Proceedings, Part I, Editors: Yamamoto, Sakae (Ed.); p. 442-253



Agile development is gaining popularity in industries in recent years. For more than a decade there have been researches about the integration of ag- ile development and Human-Centred Design (HCD) so that organizations can benefit from the best of both. However, such approaches are being performed in-house and often not published broadly. What are best practices for the inte- gration? Do these integration approaches affect the methodology of agile de- velopment? Or, are the principles of HCD being influenced by the aggregation of both methodologies? Agile human-centeredness needs to be assessed in rela- tion to a reference model. Such a reference model did not exist. This paper pro- vides a checklist that can be used to assess the user-centeredness of the agile processes. The checklist is based on DIN ISO 9241-210 in combination with best practices from agile human-centred design approaches and is evaluated by experts feedback.

Keywords: Agile Development, User-Centred Design, Integration, Process As- sessment, Capability Maturity Model 


Agile-HCD-Conformance Checklist [pdf]