Peer Talk: Sharing, Caring and Problem Solving

Virtual Peer-Counselling

Dear Student,

Perhaps something stresses you out? Maybe it is that you feel anxious about exams? Or maybe you are simply interested in exchanging your ideas on different topics with fellow students and experts in the field? 

The Study Advisory Service together with tutors from the Welcome Centre offer monthly peer-counselling sessions. Based on a peer-to-peer approach, it concentrates on personal exchanges and counselling on subjects such as fear of exams, anxiety related to adapting to a new country, facing discrimination or something that makes you feel uncomfortable in any shape or form. However, it is not always about discussing problems but also about sharing opinions and ideas to broaden your horizon. 

And this is how it works: One student anonymously shares a personal story to get different perspectives and solutions on how to handle it. The story will read by the moderator to keep it confidential. Afterwards a group of peer students (Welcome Centre tutors and volunteers) will tackle the issue by bringing up different ideas on how to proceed.

Sounds interesting for you? There are different ways to join:

  • Just be part by watching!
  • Send us your own story and question beforehand, so we can anonymously address it. That way you give others the chance to relate to your story and learn from solutions the group might find!
  • Join the Peer Counselling team by sitting with us at the „Virtual Table“ and helping others by sharing your thoughts, experiences and recommendations on the given topics.

How to join on the day of the event:

  1. Follow this link!
  2. Enter your name and email address!
  3. Enter the session password: Study1
  4. Click "Join Now"!
  5. Follow the instructions that appear on your screen!

Further information on the debate structure will be provided at the beginning of the conference. In case you want to send us your topic that you want to be addressed or you want to join the Peer Counselling team, please send an email to The platform will be offered in English, if indicated, a German version is also possible.

Sessions winter semester 2023/2024