Research at Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences

As a young and innovative university, we place particular importance on interdisciplinary research with a high degree of practical relevance. In fact, many of our professors have extensive backgrounds in the private sector. Rhine-Waal University sees itself as a research partner for companies at the regional, national and international levels. We work to ensure that research benefits our region directly and strengthens its potential for innovation.

The Centre for Research, Innovation and Transfer offers advising services tailored to companies and their needs. Together we will explore the many offers and services of Rhine-Waal University, as well as the extensive collaborative opportunities that are possible. Contact us today!



Centre for Research, Innovation and Transfer

Research Funding Officer

Tobias Haverkamp
Tel. +49 2842 90825 291

Research Funding

Dr. Hannah Lennarz
Tel.: +49 2821 80673-9641

Research Reporting

Dr. Christa Heigele-Hempowitz
Tel. +49 2821 80673 627

Dr. Lia Moreno Codinachs
Tel. +49 2821 80673 9806

Research Data Management

Martin Reiter
Tel. +49 2821 80673 9888