Consultation Hours International Center

Do you have any questions regarding your semester abroad and need advice from the International Center? We are at your disposal during our consultation hours. We are looking forward to your visit.

Due to the semester break the regular consultation hours of the International Center in Kleve will not take place from the 25th of July until the 30th of August.

For any urgent matters, please come to the remaining consultation hours before the summer holidays:

•    Monday, 15th of July, 3-4 pm
•    Tuesday, 16th of July, 10-12 am
•    Wednesday, 17th of July, 3 -4 pm
•    Monday, 22nd of July, 3-4 pm
•    Tuesday, 23rd of July, 10-12 am
•    Wednesday, 24th of July, 3-4 pm
•    Location: building 2A, room: 02A.EG.005 (Infopoint)

The consultation hours of the International Center in Kamp-Lintfort will not take place between the 18th of July and the 27th of September 2019. 

You can always contact us by email:

Topic Coordinator Consultation Hours Room
Erasmus+ Outgoings Maria Alarcos Tuesday 11-12 am
Thursday 2-3 pm
02A.EG.005 (Kleve)
Non-European partner
Anne-Carolin Ahrberg Wednesday 3-4 pm Infopoint:
02A.EG.005 (Kleve)
Incomings, PROMOS and STIBET Jochen van Bentum                   Monday 3-4 pm Infopoint:
02A.EG.005 (Kleve)
Outgoings, Non-European partner universities Ellen Schönfeld Tuesday 10-11 am Infopoint:
02A.EG.005 (Kleve)
Consultation Hour International Center International Center Wednesday 1-2 pm 07.00.140 (Kamp-Lintfort)


In addition to that, you can find more information about us on facebook. Follow this link.

Academic Exchange Coordinators of the Faculties:

For questions regarding academic matters related to your semester abroad (e.g. choice of courses, Learning Agreement etc.), please contact the Academic Exchange Coordinator of your Faculty:


Faculty Coordinator Consultation Hour Room
Technology & Bionics Prof Dr William Megill N.N. N.N.
Life Sciences Anna Eliseeva Thursday 3 - 4 pm 12.02.014 (Kleve)
Society & Economics Dr. Anne Tempel Wednesday 1.30 - 2.30 pm Infopoint:
02A.EG.005 (Kleve)
Communication & Environment Prof. Dr. habil. Waltraud Kofer Wednesday 4 - 5 pm 07.00.140 (Kamp-Lintfort)