Using library services is free of charge in most cases. Please see our scale of fees and charges for an overview of fees for services. Please also note that you will be charged a fee for media that you return late, damaged or have lost. Non-students are required to pay an annual fee of €20 to use the Univeristy Library.

Late fee Costs per item
up to 10 calendar days after due date €2.00
up to 20 calendar days after due date €5.00
up to 30 calendar days after due date €10.00
up to 40 calendar days after due date €20.00


Please keep track of the due dates for media you have checked out! To check if you owe late fees or have any overdue items, please log in to your library user account via Katalog PLUS.

See the table below for miscellaneous library fees:

Service Fee
Interlibrary loan request €1.50
External users €20.00
Replace library card €10.00
Damaged oder lost item Replacement cost +
€25.00 administrative fee


This information can also be found in our Schedule of Fees and Charges.