New Library Management System ALMA

Restrictions on Use during the System Changeover

Since August 2022, the library of Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences has been working intensively on the changeover to the new, cloud-based library management system ALMA. Since May 2023, the project has been in a critical phase, which is why there will be restrictions on the use of the library over the course of the following months.



It is expected that all library services will be available again from Monday, 18.09.2023.
We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Delay in processing Acquisition Requests and Orders for new Literature from June 2023

From Friday, 21.07.2023, up to and including Monday, 04.09.2023, the library will not be able to provide new media for technical reasons.

In order to ensure timely provision, we therefore ask you to submit foreseeable acquisition requests and orders for print media by Friday, 02.06.2023, and for online media (e-books, e-journals) by Friday, 14.07.2023.

Requests from students for print media and orders for new literature received later will continue to be processed, but may not be made available in the summer semester. Acquisition requests from students for online media will generally have to be rejected after this date for technical reasons, so please do not send them to us again until Tuesday, 05.09.2023.

From Monday, 18.09.2023, acquisition requests and orders for new literature will be processed and made available again with the usual reliability.


Stop of Orders, Reservations and Interlibrary Loans

From Friday, 14.07.2023, it will no longer be possible to place interlibrary loan orders, reservations or orders for media from the other campus. Reservations and orders are expected to be possible again from Tuesday, 05.09.2023, interlibrary loans from Monday, 11.09.2023.


Restricted Circulation Service

From Monday, 28.08.2023, up to and including Monday, 04.09.2023, the library data will be transferred to the new library management system ALMA. This means that it will no longer be possible to make any changes to our data during this period and that there will therefore also be restrictions on our user services.

The library will be available to you as a place of learning during the entire period with its usual opening hours.

The following user services will not be possible during the above-mentioned period:

  • System-side loans, renewals and returns, also at the self-check-out machines and in Katalog PLUS
  • All activities on the user account, such as registration, account renewals and deletions, fee payments/releases, unblocking, etc.
  • Logging in to your library account via Katalog PLUS

For the period from 28.08.2023 to 11.09.2023, no deadlines will be set and the loan periods of media already borrowed will be extended accordingly. Returns during the system changeover are therefore not necessary.

We offer the following alternative user services from Monday, 28.08.2023, up to and including Friday, 01.09.2023, during service hours:

  • For urgent loans and returns, offline booking is available at the information desk. The data recorded there will be successively imported into the new library management system after the system changeover and will only then be visible in your library account together with the loan periods. Please check your library account in this regard!

The following services are not affected by the system change:

  • Use of media and computers on site
  • Booking and use of individual and group workrooms
  • Use of  scanning and copying equipment
  • Use of e-resources in Katalog PLUS