Data Gathered by the Social and Academic Advisory

Active Reaching Out to Students:

Every semester the University reaches out to students whose studies differ in certain ways from the standard recommended progression. By letter these students are invited to arrange a non-obligatory meeting with the Faculty’s responsible Study Guide.

Only the relevant study progression details are accessed and analysed by the University administration. To ensure privacy, neither your name, nor your marks will be forwarded to your Study Guide before this meeting, and accordingly when you receive a consultation offer you are free to decide whether you wish to accept it. You give your consent to a consultation by contacting the responsible Study Guide for an appointment.


How We Gather Data:

A special survey form has been designed to help the Study Guides record information during consultations but you decide which information may be recorded.

The purpose of these survey forms is to not only help the team of consultants record general priorities that consultations focus on, but also to gather information on issues related to specific stages of studying. That way the University hopes to gain an overview of the subject-related and non-academic needs of students as well as insight into crucial points during the course of studies that may inadvertently hamper progress.

The collected data will allow an evaluation with special focus on organisational aspects of study progression. Findings will provide points of reference for developing and implementing measures such as workshops tailored to specific stages of studying.


Feedback survey:

An anonymous online feedback survey has been put in place giving each student an opportunity to evaluate the Study Guide’s consultation. A TAN code provided at the end of a consultation session will give you access to the survey with four short feedback questions via the Social and Academic Advisory webpage of Rhine-Waal University. Please know that here, too, participation is voluntary.

Your feedback will give the team of the Social and Academic Advisory valuable insight, helping us to advance and refine the professional character of our counselling services.


Contact person for questions:

Dr Rebecca Müller