Teaching Award

The Teaching Award  is an opportunity for Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences to show how important teaching quality is to our institution, and to recognise those teachers who go above and beyond for students.

Each annual Teaching Award is based on a specific theme and include an endowment of 4,000 EUR.

This year’s theme is ‘Regional Cooperation in Teaching – Learning With and From Practice’.

The year 2019 is dedicated to the 10-year anniversary theme “Rooted in the Region, Networked with the World” at Rhine-Waal University.

Last year’s teaching award was given in the category “Internationalization in Teaching”, underlining the strong and diverse relationships of the university across national borders. Complementing this international focus, this year’s topic highlights the significance of the university’s teaching for the Rhine-Waal border region. Regional cooperation enables the university to engage in a lively transfer of knowledge and different learning-teaching situations. This not only promotions new options for joint research, but also empowers students to meet and exceed the expectations of industry.

This innovative power benefits all stakeholders and, as a result, teaching staff at Rhine-Waal University often enrich their courses with the questions and issues facing regional players, providing students with outstanding exposure to practice-oriented methodological and interdisciplinary competences. In recognition of the commitment of our teaching staff to including regional networking in their teaching, the teaching award in 2019 will be given the theme “Regional Cooperation in Teaching – Learning With and From Practice”.

Exemplary elements of a practice-oriented teaching can include:

  • Teaching concepts that tackle questions with regional context and take into account the practical experience of the students.
  • Planning and implementation of regionally oriented student projects or students’ research plans with practical focus.
  • Promotion of the Theory-Practice-Dialogue by consciously addressing differing or common challenges.
  • Promotion regional exchange through excursions, guest lectures and joint projects or cooperative thesis projects.
  • Supporting students in finding career-relevant experiences in the region.
  • Supporting students (especially international students) in building a regional network of contacts.

The Awards Process

All professors, research staff and teachers for special tasks of the University are eligible for nomination, provided they taught a course incorporating regional cooperation in teaching in summer semester 2018 and/or winter semester 2018-19.

Who is eligible to nominate?

  • Deans (one nomination each)
  • Faculty Student Representatives (one nomination per FSR)
  • Groups of students (min. 15 people, each group allowed one nomination)
  • Self-nominations (one nomination per person)

Awarding criteria

  • Implementation of regional cooperation in teaching
  • The nominee’s philosophy of teaching and perception of his or her role in the teaching and learning process
  • Development of students’ subject-specific and interdisciplinary skills
  • Contemporary character and practical relevance of the course
  • The nominee’s approach to mentoring and advising
  • Diversity
  • Results of student evaluations


Nominations can be submitted starting today using the downloadable form on this website.

All nominations submitted before the deadline of 14 June will be considered for selection. After the deadline, the nominees will be contacted and asked to submit the following documents:

  • Teaching concept for the nominated course (max. three A4 pages)
  • Responses to specific didactic questions for the higher education level, in particular with regard to the nominee’s own philosophy on the teaching and learning process and the nominated course (max. three A4 pages)
  • Consent form to disclose the evaluation results of the nominated course to the jury


The jury will consider all nominations submitted before the deadline using a standardised selection process and announce the winners. The jury consists of:

  • Professor Dr Tobina Brinker, Secretary of the Network „Hochschuldidaktische Weiterbildung“ (hdw nrw), Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences
  • Professor Dr Marion Halfmann, Vice-President for Studies, Teaching and Continuing Training
  • Dr Jan Niklas Rolf, winner of the previous year’s Teaching Award, Faculty of Society and Economics
  • Dr Holger Angenent, Deputy Head ZfQ
  • Kristina Kähler, Referentin für allgemeine Hochschuldidaktik, Ruhr-West University of Applied Sciences
  • Dominik Postertz, student at the Faculty of Life Sciences
  • Kyra Johnson, student at the Faculty of Technology and Bionics