Learning Techniques

Content of the Workshop:

Using learning-techniques is one core competence in a study. This seminar „learning-techniques“ teaches the most important methods for successful and effective learning. You will learn the basics of acquiring new knowledge and you will learn how to use your learning-type to study more effective. One focus of this course are fundamental techniques to acquire new knowledge. Learning-techniques like classical learning with index cards, the use of mindmaps and visualisations, reading with the PQ3R-method and using different ways to repeat an information will be at the center of one part of this course. All methods in this seminar will be used and practiced during this lecture.

The second part will be about organising your learning. You will learn how to structure your preparation-time better und how to cut down a longer learning phase into small steps. During the seminar we will discuss digitale tools and plattforms, like study smarter. Digital plattforms help you to implement learning-techniques more efficient and flexible in your daily life.

Content oft he seminar:

  • Basics of learning, learning-types,
  • Effective learning with index cards,
  • Using visualisation: Mindmpas, flowcharts and theme-maps,
  • Reading-method PQ3R or SQ3R,
  • Digitale Tools and organising your learning-process.

Instructor: Dr. Michael Lindner

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