TransRegINT offers Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences the opportunity to further develop not only transfer, but the entire educational system  of research, teaching and transfer and to position set it for the future. In the sense of a "One Mission", transfer, teaching and research are considered equal with the common goal of transformation.

The university makes its knowledge and expertise available for a path to a sustainable future. At the same time, it takes up ideas and needs of the region that arise, for example, from the upcoming structural change in the agricultural sector. In addition, studies and teaching will be increasingly geared toward transformation competence.

To realize this project, structures and processes at the university will be adapted, for example, to initiate and implement cooperations more quickly and effectively. Platforms will be established for improved exchange and internal communication. Additionally, more free time and space for research and transfer will be created.

The project is divided into three closely interlinked sub-projects and a coordination hub, through which transfer-supporting and transfer-promoting processes are created within the university:

The Interaction hub lays the communicative, participatory foundation for shaping transformation and enables bidirectional and action-oriented exchange. Measures here include formats such as future conferences to identify transformation needs, internal workshops, e.g. to teach transformation skills, a digital innovation center including a cooperation pool, and the presentation of the university's innovation topics both internally and externally.

The focus of the Transformation hub is on cooperation with companies, society, municipalities and associations, as well as the exemplary design of transformation in the region - with a clear SDG-compliant orientation. Measures include innovation sprints to develop solutions, an interactive showroom "Assistance and Participation", the use of laboratory networks to involve companies and society, the Agroforst laboratory, the transfer-affine Faculty of the Future, and the initiative “Hydrogen in the Lower Rhine” .

In the Competence Hub, concrete processes and methods will be derived from the knowledge gained and supplemented in this project and mirrored by accompanying scientific research. For this purpose, a center for transformation competence will be established with the following focal points: Societal Transformations, Capacity Building and Ambidextry.

With TransRegINT, HSRW is moving forward, sharpening its scientific profile, and becoming visible in the respective "scientific community" beyond the new transfer approach. A culture of innovation can only develop if all employees are supporting it and can identify with the goals. We would therefore like to cordially invite you all to participate in the project, to contribute your own ideas for transformation and to take part in a university-wide exchange.