Signing in to the Moodle-courses possible from October 30, 2020

Dear students,

The winter term will start shortly and with it the also lectures. As you can already see from the timetable, most of the courses will be held in digital form. The information required for this (process of the digital lectures/practical trainings, dial-in data, etc.) will be made available to you by the respective lecturers on our Moodle platform.

In order to get access to this information, you have to enroll in the corresponding Moodle courses with your HSRW email address.

For technical reasons, the courses for the coming winter semester will not be available to you until October 30, 2020! It will not be possible to enroll in the courses beforehand!

All courses will have a general password, which will be announced to you by the faculty by email on October 30, 2020.

We wish you a good start into the somewhat different winter semester 20/21!

Best regards

Faculty of Life Sciences