Consultation Hours International Center

Please note that we currently cannot offer consultation hours in person due to the ongoing efforts to stop the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. However, students can contact us by email ( to arrange an appointment for an online consultation hour.

Take care and stay well!

Team International Center


Topic Coordinator Consultation Hours Room
Erasmus+ Study Abroad Semester International Center Wednesday 3-4 pm Infopoint:
02A.EG.005 (Kleve)
Incomings, PROMOS and STIBET Jochen van Bentum                   Monday 3-4 pm Infopoint:
02A.EG.005 (Kleve)
Outgoings (Non-European partner universities), Erasmus+ Internships Ellen Schönfeld Tuesday 10-11 am Infopoint:
02A.EG.005 (Kleve)
General Consultation Hour Kamp-Lintfort Maike Kaufmann Wednesday 1-2 pm 07.00.140 (Kamp-Lintfort)


In addition to that, you can find more information about us on facebook. Follow this link.

Academic Exchange Coordinators of the Faculties:

For questions regarding academic matters related to your semester abroad (e.g. choice of courses, Learning Agreement etc.), please contact the Academic Exchange Coordinator of your Faculty:


Faculty Coordinator Consultation Hour Room
Technology & Bionics Doris Gerland Monday 11 am -1 pm 08.01.016 (Kleve)
Life Sciences Anna Eliseeva Thursday 3 - 4 pm 12.02.014 (Kleve)
Society & Economics Dr. Anne Tempel Wednesday 1.30 - 2.30 pm Infopoint:
02A.EG.005 (Kleve)
Communication & Environment Prof. Dr. habil. Waltraud Kofer Wednesday 4 - 5 pm 07.00.140 (Kamp-Lintfort)