Selected Publications

Jensen, E. & Gerber, A. (2019): “Manifesto for Evidence-based Science Communication”.
[Publication expected: end of 2019]

Gerber, A. et al. (2019): “The Future of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in Horizon Europe”.
[Published in June 2019 as a ‘Declaration’; paper expected by the end of 2019]

Gerber, A. et al. (2019). The field of science communication research – an empirical analysis.  
[Book expected to be released in October 2019]

Gerber, A. (2018): “How to ‘mainstream’ the ‘upstream’ engagement”.  Journal of Science Communication JCOM, 17 (03), C06. Open Access.

Gerber, A. (2018): “Rethinking Openness in Science: Systemic Implications of Reintermediation Replacing Mechanisms of Transparency“, EASST 2018, University of Lancaster (UK), Annual Conference of the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology. Open Access.

Gerber, A. (2017): “Communication as the Key for Managing Shared Responsibilities”.  Interdisciplinary RRI Conference, Bielefeld University (DE)

Gerber, A. (2014): Science caught flat-footed: How academia struggles with open science communication. In: Bartling S. & Friesike S.: Opening science – The evolving guide on how the internet is changing research, collaboration and scholarly publishing. Wiesbaden: Springer. ISBN 978-331900025. Open Access.

Gerber, A. (2013): „Online Trends from the First German Trend Study on Science Communication“. In: Tokar, A. et al. Science and the Internet. (pp. 13-18). Düsseldorf UP. ISBN 978-3943460162. Open Access.

Gerber, A. (2012): „Gute oder schlechte Wissenschaft?“  Medizin- und Wissenschafts­journalist 01 / 2012.  Online.

Gerber, A. (2012): „Was ist guter Innovationsjournalismus?“  Fachjournalist 02 / 2012. (pp. 35-38).  Open Access

Gerber, A. (2011): Trendstudie Wissenschaftskommunikation: Vorhang auf für Phase 5. Chancen, Risiken und Forderungen für die nächste Entwicklungsstufe der Wissenschaftskommunikation. Edition innovare. ISBN 978-3981481105.  Open Access.

Täube, F. & Gerber, A (2008): „Stethoskop statt Megaphon: Die Rolle der Unternehmenskommunikation bei Open Innovation“.  Innovationsmanager 04 / 2008. Open Access.

Gerber, A. (2008): „Antennen müssen auf Empfang stehen“.  Wissenschaftsmanagement 04/2008. Open Access.


Selected Research Reports:

RRI Policy Brief 2019
[publication expected by the end of 2019]

RRI Policy Brief 2018
Open Access

RRI Policy Brief 2017
Open Access