Open Day 2015

Welcome to our faculty!

Get to know our courses through experiments, exhibits, presentations and lab tours. Feel free to engage with students and staff.


 Presentation of our study programmes

11:00 Building 08, ground floor, room 005

Biomaterials Science, B.Sc.


Building 08, ground floor, Info point

Mechanical Engineering, B.Sc. 
including lab tour

12:00 Building 06, 2nd floor, room 004

Mechatronic Systems Engineering, B.Sc. 
including lab tour

12:30 Building 08, ground floor, room 005

Industrial Engineering, B.Sc.

13:00 Building 08, ground floor, room 005

Electronics, B.Sc. 
including lab Tour

13:30 Building 08, ground floor, room 005

Science Communication and Bionics, B.A./B.Sc

13:30 Building 09, ground floor, Bionichall Bionics/Biomimetics, M.Sc 
Meet the Professors
14:00 Building 08, ground floor, room 005

Biomaterials Science

14:00 Building 08, ground floor, Info point Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc.
14:30 Building 08, ground floor, room 005

Industrial Engineering 


Lab Tour

Take a look inside the laboratories of our faculty. The tour starts at 14:30 at the info point in building 8, ground floor.



Our students are working on several practical projects, such as interactive websites or even a submarine race. We are presenting some of these projects today.


Scicommfinder -
the first global search platform for study courses in science communication

How do you find the right courses to study? Which countries offer a degree that fits your interests? What are the costs and the content? How can you apply? The interactive online database "Scicommfinder", developed by our science communication students in the fourth semester, wants to answer these questions. Current news are regularly posted on the platform. 



Our Iteractive Time - Line offers a variety of information about the history of science and technology including the development of various technical devices, important personalities and events that had a major impact on it. This timeline illustrates how technology and science has evolved over time. The time line is extended on a regular basis as part of the course " History of Science and Technology" and is being updated accordingly.


Explore Nature-What is Biomimetics?

Each organism , even plants have their own way of adapting with nature. In Biomimetics we learn to understand their charactersitics and apply it into technology. We mimic nature and its wonders to make natures solutions applicable to men. This presentation will help you explore the world of biomimetics and it will give an insight into this fascinating field of science .

European International Subrace 

Would it not be fun to build your ownown submarine and compete against teams from all over the world ? This is exactly what students of the Rhine- Waal University of Applied Sciences are doing over the years. So far they have participated in races in Washington ( USA ) and Gosport (UK ). Last year our submarine team won the award for 'Best Design and Innovatin' 


Would you like to build an Stirling-Motor with us? This is an engine that transfers heat into mechanical work. We use it in class to demonstrate principles of thermodynamics. Join us buildung it in building 8, ground floor, 11:00 - 14:00


For further student projects, please feel free to browse our website


Info Point:

We are happy to answer whatever questions you may have about the faculty of Technology & Bionics. Please feel free to visit our central info point in building 8, ground floor, from 11:00 to 17:00.