Failed Exams

Rumors, Facts and Solutions

Which department can support me with my exam preparations? How can I avoid failed exams? What exactly will happen if I fail a third attempt?

The counselling departments of the university frequently face these or similar questions - espacially when it comes to wrong ideas concerning a failed third attempt. In order to inform on failed exams, their consequences and how to avoid them the Student Advisory Service, the Study Guides and the Examination Service invite you to attend the event Failed Exams: October 16 at Kamp-Lintfort Campus - October 23 at Kleve Campus.

Further information on Failed Exams is provided by the Student Advisory Service.

Do you need some counselling concerning exams? Please book a personal appointment here.


Contact Student Advisory Service:

02821 80673 360

Campus Kleve: Building 20 Ground Floor

Campus Kamp-Lintfort: Building 4 1st Floor


Dates "Failed Exams"

When: October 16

Where: Kamp Lintfort Campus


When: October 23

Where: Kleve Campus