Exam Deregistration

Regular Exam Deregistration

A regular exam deregistration is a deregistration without statement of reason up to 7 days prior to the examination. If for example an exam is taking place on Friday September 11th, then you can deregister until Thursday September 3rd.

This is valid for all exams that are offered in the according exam period.

You can deregister via the online portal HIS.


Withdrawal from examinations

If you cannot participate in an examination or have to discontinue an examination for medical reasons according to § 13 of the Framework Examination Regulations for Bachelor and Master study programs of Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences those reasons have to be declared immediately and in writing.

If withdrawing from an ongoing examination additionally you have to declare to the invigilator that you are medically incapacitated. This fact has to be entered into the record of the examination.

It is not possible to withdraw for medical reasons after the examination has finished.

To prove your inability please hand in a medical attestation in addition to the ’Form to Provide Evidence of Illness-related Inability” to the examination service within five days (this does not merely concern business days, meaning that Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays are also counted) of the examination date at the latest. The medical certificate has to be issued on the day of the examination and has to cover the exam period. Your inability has to be certified for the period in question. For instance, the certification could contain the following wording:

„Die/der Patient/in kann im genannten Zeitraum an Hochschulprüfungen nicht teilnehmen.”


„Die/der Patient/in war im genannten Zeitraum prüfungsunfähig/nicht prüfungsfähig.“

Should you decide to participate in an examination in spite of certified medical inability you have to declare your medical ability to the invigilator and sign a form to that effect. If a medical inability occurs again you have to declare your inability within three days and provide a new medical certificate.


Foreign Language Medical Certificates

Foreign language medical certificates have to be translated by a publicly appointed and sworn translator.


Independent Medical Attestations

In specific cases the university can demand a medical attestation of an independent medical examiner. Costs for the independent medical attestation are born by the university.


Special case: Illness of a dependent child

If you cannot participate in an examination due to illness of a dependent child you should hand in the form “Health-related non-attendance at examinations – dependent child” in combination with a medical certificate normally issued for employers by your paediatrician (“Ärztliche Bescheinigung für den Bezug von Krankengeld bei Erkrankung des Kindes”). This certifies that your child has to be cared for and looked after due to illness. Please sign to confirm that nobody else is available to look after your child.