Learning German by doing


The programme GermaNice was created for you to be able to overcome your language barrier and prepare you to cope with daily routine and problems in your everyday life in Germany. Thus, the Welcome Centre is inviting you to be part of the GermaNice Community!

Learning by doing is one of the most successful and powerful ways to master your language skills. Hence, we decided to give you this new opportunity to raise your language confidence and to make a lot of new friends.

Every month the Welcome Centre offers GermanNice events. By the experience we obtained over the past period, we realized that it is a perfect spot to communicate different topics, to develop your skills and to expand your vocabulary.

What happens during GermaNice?

The Welcome Centre provides board games and other supportive materials and then we interact. The only requirement for you is to do it in German. But no worries, mistakes are welcome and you don’t have to be afraid to embarrass yourself. We want you to have an environment where you can give speaking German a try!

We are constantly improving and developing the programme based on your needs. What about playing soccer together, making a nice brunch or watching a TV series in German? Your are in? Then  all you need is to do is to join us and to speak UP.


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