Goals of the International Week

May of 2019 will mark Rhine-Waal University’s tenth anniversary. It was founded as a public university of applied sciences with a unique focus on international activities with a clear objective: connect the Lower Rhine region with the broader world. From the outset, Rhine-Waal University was to have 75 percent of its degree programs in English and to offer courses in intercultural communication and management as integral parts of each curriculum. This strategy bore fruit and continues to attract large numbers of both domestic and international students. The diverse mix of international students and staff has also helped to ensure that all spheres of the university contribute to its unique international profile. After a decade of operations, Rhine-Waal University maintains a unique status among state universities in Germany with a student body of 47% international students and two dual-lingual campuses.

During the International Week we would like to share with you examples and experiences of how we have implemented internationalisation, not as a supplementary policy, but as a core principle that encompasses every level of our university.

We invite our friends and colleagues from international offices and language centres, but also administrators and operational staff, whether in student and career services, IT support, human resource management or finance departments. Our goal with the International Weeks is to offer not only a forum for discussing the latest internationalisation trends and topics like the Erasmus programme or internationalization online, but also to connect people across institutions, countries and cultures through a mutually beneficial exchange of ideas, experiences and best practices.

The International Week will go beyond discussions of the theoretical and instead delve into the practical consequences of internationalisation through a lively exchange of expertise and different experiences across partner universities. What works under what conditions and what does not? What are the most important preconditions for success? Over the course of the week we would like to “build” our ideal international University – at least on paper.

Naturally, there will also be plenty of time for informal meetings, networking, discussions with students and exploration of the university towns of Kleve and Kamp-Lintfort and the surrounding countryside. There will also be more than enough opportunities to kick back and enjoy the spirit and fun of our international campus culture.

2019 will be a year of celebration at Rhine-Waal University. What better way to do so than together with students, colleagues and most importantly you – our international partners – without whom we would not be as international as we are today.