Research Priorities

The Science Communication department of Prof. Gerber mainly focuses its research on:

  • Upstream Engagement, e.g. the NUCLEUS and RRING projects (both Horizon 2020)
  • STEM Education, e.g. the CREATIONS project (Horizon 2020), the IbL Lab (Inquiry-based Learning), or our SciCommFinder project
  • Open Science & Social Innovation, e.g. data-driven journalism, our Springer book project, the "Ô" project (Horizon 2020) or our activities in mapping the international citizen science landscape (CS-MAP, no website yet)
  • Evaluation & Research Methods, e.g. for the National Year of Science, or in a SciComm Research Field Analysis for the German Government, but also projects in the area of big-data

The research team is planning to introduce each member in detail soon, here on this page. For the time being we try to keep at least the list of scholars updated who work with Prof. Gerber (as of March 2017):
Dr. Alexandra Borisova, Dr. Peter Broks, Daria Dvorzhitskaia, Dr. Annette Klinkert, Dr. Julia Lorke, Bernd Mueller, Abdul Saboor, Linda van Dijk, Robin Yee. Additionally several PhD students are only temporarily on campus but are obviously also part of the family, such as Yvonne Braeutigam, Danielle Farrugia, and Semati Palmera Rodríguez Ríos. Furthermore the team would not be complete without our industrious Research Assistants, Ashley Chikamhi, Filipe de Matos Dias, Marie Loedige, Cora Klockenbusch, Frederike Oetker, Axel Pfleger, Alina Piechulek, Arne Sander, and Allison-Jane Zaman.