Prof. Alexander Gerber

Chair, Science Communication / Course Director

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Prof. Gerber's Science Communication department focuses on socio-political dimensions, calling for an 'Open Science Communication' and emphasising the shared responsibilities among different stakeholders of science.

The degree programme at Rhine-Waal covers not only the usual skill-set such as storytelling or communication management, but also areas such as 'Scientific Citizenship', 'ELSI' or 'CSR'.


The four departmental research priorities are: Upstream Engagement; STEM Education; Evaluation and Methodologies; Open Science and Social Innovation. As part of the public engagement research, the department conducts four projects funded by the European Commission, such as the coordination of a research consortium of 25 partners ("NUCLEUS") working on institutional governance issues. Three other Horizon 2020 research projects in which the department is coordinating work packages at the moment, are CREATIONS about integrating the arts in science education; RRING about comparing and interlinking different approaches wolrdwide towards Responsible Research and Innovation; Project Ô about stakeholder management around sustainability technologies in different regions with test-sites in Israel, Italy and Spain.

The department co-hosts Europe's largest Summer School for Science Communication ("STEAM") under the Erasmus+ funding scheme.

Prof. Gerber furthermore supervises several science communication projects in the area of evaluation for the German Government, including a global research field analysis, in his funtion as Research Director of the Institute for Science and Innovation Communication (inscico). In 2011, he initiated and coordinated the first "Trend Study" on Science Communication. Before, the information scientist and long-time science journalist / author / film director was Head of Marketing & Communications at Fraunhofer (ICT) for seven years, and founder and editor-in-chief of InnoVisions Magazine. 

Prof. Gerber is an elected member of the Governing Board of Euroscience, and of the Scientific Steering Committee of PCST (Public Communication of Science an Technology Network).

He serves as a member of several Advisory Boards and as Associate Editor.

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